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Visa services


Visas for Russian citizens to travel worldwide

"MOSCO Company" provides visa support services to travel any country of the world.

Depending on the aim of your visit the visas may be BUSINESS, TOURIST or PRIVATE.

Business visa to travel abroad

To obtain business visa you need the following set of the documents:

  • An official invitation letter from the inviting party where the aim of the visit and its terms are clearly indicated;
  • The copy of inviting Company notice at Trade register list;
  • The copy of inviting person's passport;
  • Other documents the Consular may require.

The exact visa proceeding terms to some particular destinations are determined by terms and conditions of appropriate Embassies. Please contact MOSCO Company manager to specify visa proceeding formalities to the particular destination.

Tourist visas to travel abroad.

Please note that visa supporting services are provided only on a mandatory condition of purchase the complete travel package with MOSCO Company. The package is inclusive of the following services:

  • Transportation (by air, motor vehicle, railway or a river boat – depending on the itinerary chosen)
  • Accommodation in a base of a hotel (or in another property, except for the privately owned apartments)
  • Additional travel services (sightseeing tours, transfers, catering, admission to theater, sporting or cultural events)

Important Note: "MOSCO Company" provides visa supporting services to overseas travelers only within a whole travel package!

To obtain more detailed information about visa proceeding formalities and regulations please contact our managers. They will inform you about the particular Consulates requirements to the set of the requested papers, will help you to fill in appropriate application forms, will inform you about the Consular visa fees and the terms for visa papers proceeding.

Business Visas to Russia

Visa supporting services for non-Russian residents traveling to Russia on business are provided by MOSCO Company only on a base of valid corporate Contract.

The official invitation letters to visit Russia on business matters can be issued by MOSCO Company on behalf of a Customer company officially registered with Federal Migration Service (Moscow). The conditions for such services provision are to be discussed on individual basis depending on the requested terms and itinerary. The full access to the list of the above mentioned services are available to the registered Customers only.

Tourist Visas to Russia

"MOSCO Company" is offering FREE Visa support to obtain Russian entry tourist visas if you book with us the complete travel package: accommodation on a hotel base, transfers, sightseeing programme, etc.

The official invitation letter to obtain tourist visa is done in strict compliance with the dates indicated for visit and supported by a detailed travel itinerary and a valid confirmation of a hotel booking.

The Russian tourist visas may be for single entry and for double entry. In both cases the duration of stay in Russia is limited by 30 days. All foreign visitors to Russia must be registered at the place of their stay (usually it is done a hotel reception desk when the visitors are checked-in).

Russian Travel Passports

A citizen of Russia must possess a valid travel passport to travel abroad (except for visiting the countries with which Russia has special visa exemption agreements).

A citizen of Russia may obtain (or renew) a travel passport in special passport section of local department of Interior Affairs Ministry at the place of his residence, or, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (if the Company or Institution he is employed with is duly accredited in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Some most frequently used requirements to travel passports:

  • Most of Consular offices require the travel passport to remain valid within 2-6 month after the tour is completed. (For instance, if you plan to visit Germany, your passport must be valid at least 3 months after your tour is completed)
  • A child to complete a tour abroad with their parents must possess his own passport.
  • Frequent travelers must have at least one blank page to collect entry visa and appropriate stamps from border authorities. With a valid pass not having blank pages you are unlikely to receive visa.

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