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For individual customers


MOSCO Company offers the individual travelers the full range of services as within Russia as well as abroad:

  • airline tickets for domestic and international destinations;
  • train tickets;
  • hotel/resort/spa reservations within Russia and abroad;
  • visa support services within the tour package;
  • excursions and entertainment programs;
  • transportation services (rent-a-car, chauffeur-driven cars/minibuses/coaches;
  • other travel services upon your request (health and beauty programs; tickets to exhibitions / sport events / theatres etc.);
  • tailor-made trips.
  • villa, yacht and chalet rental

For our frequently traveling customers we offer the special discount program "Preferred client".

We are always pleased to inform you about our special offers and provide you with detailed information about Tours and travel.

For more detailed information and consultation please contact our managers.

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